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The international FotoTriennale.dk is now opening for the fifth time. In October, all over Funen, there will be a wealth of exhibitions, artist talks, workshops, dialogue meetings, lectures, a film programme, the Meeting Place Portfolio Review and much more. The following artists will be participating: Andreas Meichsner, Bill Owens, Cao Fei, Elif Celebi, Esra Ersen, Fredrik Marsh, Jeannette Pardorf, Larry Clark, Lucia Ganieva, Martin Parr, Mary Coble, Mette Juul, Nigel Dickinson, Per Bak Jensen, Pieter van den Boogert, Pieter Hugo, Robert Harding Pittman, Søren Martinsen and Urs Lüthi. Furthermore, 11 students from the Funen Art Academy will be participating as well as 10 artists from the Funen Graphic Workshop. This year’s photo triennial comes together under the heading The Good Life. As the financial crisis rolls through Europe, this is becoming an ever more topical subject. What is the good life at a time when the conditions of life are changing before our eyes? The values and norms with which we have been born and have grown up are no longer enough to deal with the radical paradigm shift that the crisis seems to be causing. The Good Life is a constant challenge. Presumably everyone wants a good life, but there can be huge differences in what people think or believe a good life is. For some people it is a healthy life, for others a safe and secure life. If you ask the politicians from Scandinavia they will emphasize health, education and a stable private economy. If you ask the man in the street the answers will probably be much more varied and marked by dreams, expectations and hopes. The theme of The Good Life brings out many points of view and issues. At 12 exhibition venues and in the city space of Odense, more than 30 artists from Denmark and abroad will offer their proposals for or comments on The Good Life. International portfolio review Odense, 4 - 7 October 2012 In conjunction with the opening days of FotoTriennale.dk, the popular, international Meeting Place Portfolio Review will once again take place at Brandts in Odense. Meeting Place Portfolio Review is a professional forum for one-to-one meetings between photographers and international experts. In the course of four intense days, participating photographers will have the opportunity to present their work to 28 international curators, museum directors, gallery owners, magazine editors, publishers and festival directors, who can offer constructive feedback, good contacts and assist with advice on future career development - or perhaps facilitate an exhibition or a publication. The invited reviewers, on the other hand, will have the chance to discover new talent as well as seeing the latest work of established photographers. The FotoTriennale.dk portfolio review at Brandts is the only international portfolio review in Denmark and the event has contributed significantly to the career development of both national and international photographers, since it was first held in 2000. In 2009 more than 80 photographers from around the world took part in this major photographic event and the invited reviewers came from 14 countries to partake. The event was very successful. "My participation in Meeting Place 2009 has been very fruitful. Apart from the forthcoming exhibition at FotoTriennale.dk 2012, I’ve had an exhibition in Galleri Image in Aarhus as a result of meeting Beate Cegielska in Odense, and also an exhibition in the Finnish Museum of Photography. Furthermore, I met Krzystof Candrowicz (Director of Lodz Art Center), who later invited me for an exhibition in Lodz 2011. From a few other curators I got some useful tips that have resulted in other exhibitions and good contacts." - Lucia Ganieva, 2009 Meeting Place registrant; Winner of The FotoTriennale.dk Award 2009 "The portfolio review of FotoTriennale.dk was a fantastic chance for me to get an initial idea of the amazingly complex photo scene, especially in Denmark and Northern Europe. I was overwhelmed by the quality of the works displayed and the exhilarating discussions with the artists." - Rudolf Scheutle, 2009 Portfolio Reviewer; Curator, Münchner Stadtmuseum, Sammlung Fotografie Image: Pieter Hugo: Abdulai Yahaya, Agbogbloshie Market, Accra, Ghana, 2010 (35) The complete programme is on the web-site. For further information, please contact PR-manager Trine Søndergaard, Phone: 0045 6520 7092. E-mail: trine.soendergaard@brandts.dk Different venues - Denmark